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Annie in the Water

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Performing Monday, May 11, 2020

On The  Sahlen's Free Center Stage

Everyone can enjoy all of the music at the Rochester Lilac Festival for FREE.


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Annie in the Water

Annie in the Water Annie in the Water is not only a live band, but a musical adventure and state of mind. While experiencing Annie in the Water (AITW) live, you will find yourself being uplifted, entertained and turned on to a positive feeling…
AITW consists of 6 uniquely talented musicians from all over the Northeast. When combined, they make a sound that is not easy to categorize. Funk, Jam, Bluegrass, hip hop, rock and Reggae are a few genres that Annie in the Water embodies, but you also get hints of Soul, electronic and progressive rock. When asked to explain AITW’s sound, a common response is: “Its hard to explain.” But whats most important is not only how their music sounds, but how it feels and how it moves the listener. Each show, Annie in the Water creates an atmosphere of positive, upbeat and collectively energy that is infectious and inviting. They pride themselves on community and kindness on stage and that sentiment ripples through their music to their fans as well. The group started in 2007 as a small acoustic duo and over the years they have grown into a powerhouse 6 piece band. The band is made up of members Brad Hester (Lead Vocals/Rhythm guitar), Michael Lashomb (Vocal/Lead Guitar), Brock Kuca (Percussion/Vocals), Chris Meier (Bass/Vocals), Ryan Trumbull (Drums/Vocals) and Matthew Richards (Keys/Vocals). Together, this line up creates a collective energy that is connected, professional and focused on giving the best show every single performance. Annie in the Water continues to evolve their sound with each performance, no matter how small. Whether they are headlining a music festival, playing in a sold out venue infront of hundreds of people, performing a private party or community event, AITW gives their best performance with intentions to give their audience a great show and leave them feeling good. The fans, the traveling, the music and experiences are all pieces of Annie in the Water and these expressions will continue to evolve with each time their step on a stage on this beautiful blue planet.
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