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Lilac Health & Wellness Speaker Series presented by Angels in your Home & Hilton East

The Lilac Festival Health and Wellness Speaker Series is an annual event that features a diverse range of experts and professionals from the health and wellness industry. The series aims to educate, inspire, and motivate attendees to adopt healthier lifestyles and make positive changes in their lives. The speakers cover a variety of topics, such as nutrition, exercise, mental health, and overall well-being. The Lilac Festival Health and Wellness Speaker Series is a great opportunity for people to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the field, while also providing a fun and engaging environment to connect with others who share a similar interest in health and wellness.

Emcee, Shalom Singer

The Speaker Series Emcee–has been recognized for many prestigious awards in the fitness industry. She has 20+ years experience in Fitness & Wellness and loves to share her experience with the community and other Fitness Professionals. Its her life mission to spread the truth about fitness and wellness through education. She is the owner of Pearls Physique- a Fitness and Personal Training Studio in Rochester NY, an Natural Bodybuilder Figure Pro and Tango Dancer.

11AM: Rising Daughters + -

Speaker: Nataija Karis Ridley

Stages of change model and the importance of effects in our attitude toward making change in the context of how it connects stress management with modern day busy lifestyles

12PM: Fidelis Care + -

Speaker: Meg McCarthy BSN, RN-IBCLC Supervisor of Case Management – High Risk OB and NICU

Utilizing Case management for your health’s advantage and on General programs offered at Fidelis Care.

1PM: Sarah Lynn Nutrition + -

Speaker: Sarah Lynn

How to Build a Balanced Plate and share how our services are typically covered in full by insurance on the affordable care act/health care reform act

2PM: Roc Gaelic Sports + -

Speaker: Chris Cooper

In the past I’ve briefly touched on the history of Gaelic sports and their importance to Gaelic culture, followed by the history of the club, and some current offerings and ways to get involved with us.

3PM: Angels in Your Home + -

Speaker: Pathways Forward Group underwritten by Angels in Your Home and Hilton East Assisted Living- Title Sponsors of RLF H&W Speaker Series

Ever wonder about getting the “right” information about Life Decisions in Retirement? Have you asked yourself, “What steps should I take”, “Do I have a plan”, or “Who can I trust when I don’t know what to ask”? Well, Life Decisions in Retirement presented by the Pathways Forward Group will highlight topics such as Social Security Strategies, Last Will and Testament, Protecting your assets, Financial Decisions, and Planning for your Death. If you are a caregiver of an aging loved one—or just curious—please join the Life Decisions in Retirement Session.

4PM: Mariano Events + -

Speaker: Danielle Mariano, Founder and CEO of Mariano Events and Mariano Wellness

Preventing Burnout in an Entrepreneurs’ World” – Learn some methods and tips to prevent burnout and live a balance life in today’s chaotic world.

12PM: Foraged with Faith + -

Speaker: Tom Painter

Health benefits on herbs and mushrooms and how to get the most benefits from natural supplements.

1PM: Mental Health Wellness + -

Speaker: Dr. April Aycock

Monroe County Office of Mental Health, Mental Health Wellness

2PM: Roc Mobile Spa + -

Speaker: Rayna Brooks

Staying Resilient in Business through Adversities

3PM: Homesteads for Hope + -

Speaker: Jenny Rae Brongo, the CEO of Homesteads for Hope

Sustainable lifestyles and futures for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) by creating a collaborative community to serve all individuals without distinction.

4PM: Brown Girl Garden + -

Speaker: Kaysha Bennett

Reiki Healing

5PM: Rochester Microgreens + -

Speaker: Michael Temperato

Michael Temperato is an Urban Agricultural Scientist and owner of Rochester Microgreens, Rochester NY’s first Aeroponic Tower Farm! He will be introducing us to the world of Aeroponic Growing Towers! These towers are a new and innovative way to grow a wide variety of plants and crops without using soil. Primarily used in urban environments, where space is limited and traditional farming is not feasible, this technology is becoming increasingly popular because they are efficient, easy to use, and provide a range of benefits for both clean nutritious food production, and are better for the environment. . Come at 5:00pm to learn about this exciting new technology!

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