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Performing Thursday, May 18, 2023

On The  Free Center Stage

Everyone can enjoy all of the music at the Rochester Lilac Festival for FREE.

Upgrade to VIP

For comfortable perks, private bathrooms, exclusive drink selections, and more, upgrade to the Lilac VIP High Spot Deck! This experience is 18+!



A Premier Led Zeppelin Experience

A sole light appears like a beacon in the night sky. As you walk toward this light, thundering guitars can be heard in the near distance. You approach as the ground shakes from a bombastic throb of bass and drums. Your heart races and your palms sweat; anticipation and excitement overwhelm you. A voice calls to you. And then you see it—the MOTHERSHIP.

MOTHERSHIP is a premier Led Zeppelin outfit hailing from Rochester, New York. Consisting of five seasoned musicians playing music of a band they love, people from all around will love all that this experience has to offer. Playing Zeppelin classics that include Kashmir, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love, Dazed and Confused, and Heartbreaker, this non-stop joyride of music is a show not to be missed. Come for the music, stay for the spectacle.

You realize that it’s been a long time since you rock and rolled. Climb the stairway and become one with the MOTHERSHIP.