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Head to the Roots

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Performing Sunday, May 21, 2023

On The  Free Center Stage

Everyone can enjoy all of the music at the Rochester Lilac Festival for FREE.

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Head to the Roots

From high energy stomp, to mellow campfire acoustic, Head to the Roots is a passionate music project, led by American singer-songwriter Anthony Siciliano. Currently a duo act based out of Rochester, New York, Anthony and bass player Drew Rosenberg pull at the roots of folk, blues, reggae, rockabilly, and jam music. The fabric of their songwriting is both thought provoking and playful, woven with the themes of life exploration, travel, and love, with undertones of spirituality and human coalescence.

    From the main stage at Rochester’s Corn Hill Arts Festival, to Fairport’s beloved Fairport Music Festival, Head to the Roots has begun to gain a loyal following in the greater Rochester area, known as the Roots Fam. In the midst of their musical careers, Head to the Roots has opened for Adam Ezra Band, Teagan & the Tweeds, Good Morning Bedlam, Rochester legends Prime Time Funk, and has shared the stage with members of Twiddle.

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