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Performing Tuesday, May 16, 2023

On The  Free Center Stage

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Digglers Bridge

Digglers Bridge, like most bands, has a story. And you don’t have time. So here’s the Reader’s Digest version of Diggler 1.0:

Ken Welling and former member Dan Barney were looking for a guy to start a band with. Barney met Dan Borrello as they were jammed together in a booth at a Japanese restaurant. The former Dan invited the latter Dan to Ken’s house for a jam session. They jelled. Poorly. But they thought they were good, so they decided to find a drummer nonetheless. After finding a timekeeper, and then another, they found Steve Horton, some guy Ken forgot he even knew.

Five decades of the rock they love to play. No gimmicks. No mullets. No funny hats. No falsettos. No transposing. Music the way it was meant to be played, with a modern edge as if they wrote it themselves.

Now, as far as the name “Digglers Bridge” goes…

…It’ wasn’t Dan’s idea, but just ask him. He’ll tell you.

Eventually, it ended. Ken and Rich Rago went on to another successful band. Steve off to the Led Zeppelin project/The Sound Remains the Same. Dan And Steve Kept Digglers Bridge as an occasional acoustic act. And after several agonizing years of nothing Digglerish happening… then…

It started again. Dan and Steve met Frank Quagliata (Led Zep Project, The Sound Remians the Same, East Coast Connection, The Craig Snyder Group – To name a few) a drummer that had many talents, And Mike Ditomassi (too many bands to mention) a bass player with hidden Keyboard and Vocal Talents that “wow”ed almost everyone who saw and heard him.

It started, stopped, crashed… and started again. In Late 2016 a set list emerged… Next in Jan 2017, a live jam. Then a few Private gigs, then in March a Pineapple Jacks date… Now, a full 4 man lineup with Ian Added as the Drummer.  Then additional Adjustments with COVID! Mike left, a new Mike (Hughes) Joined us (the Sound Remains, The Back Room/Genesis tribute)  and well, Dave (the Back Doors) showed up too!