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Art In The Park Application

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We are re-imagining the Rochester Lilac Festival (RLF) for 2021 and there are some important changes.  The following contains IMPORTANT INFORMATION and you need to read ALL of it carefully!!!

  • Instead of the usual 10-day continuous festival, RLF will take place over three consecutive Thursdays – Sundays only. This means that Art in the Park will take place on May 8 & 9, May 15 & 16 and May 22 & 23.  Artists may apply for any one, two or all three weekends.


  • The non-refundable application fee has been reduced to $15. This should be paid on a separate check and will be deposited on receipt.  There is one application fee no matter how many weekends you apply for.


  • Each 10×10 booth space for EACH weekend is $175. Please make out a SEPARATE CHECK for EACH weekend applied for!  These booth fee checks for each weekend that you are accepted will be deposited on April 8.  All other booth fee checks will be returned to you.


  • The RLF will comply with all federal, New York State and Monroe County guidelines and regulations as regards COVID-19 or any other health and safety issues.


  • Due to these regulations, AT THIS POINT IN TIME (December 2020), we are planning to assign every other booth space only at Art in the Park on Reservoir Avenue. The entire art show site will be fenced in, with a staffed entrance/exit at each end of the show.  Public attendance will be limited at any one time to the capacity allowed by the guidelines at the time of the festival.


  • Artists who were ACCEPTED INTO THE CANCELLED 2020 SHOW will be automatically accepted into the 2021 show, UPON THE SUBMISSION OF A 2021 APPLICATION, with the following important caveat. These artists will be the first ones given spaces in 2021.  However, if there are more of these pre-accepted artists applying in any weekend than there are spaces available, a committee will select the artists to accept for a diversified show, in a fair and impartial manner.  All others will be put on a wait list in case of cancellations or the possibility of more booth spaces becoming available for use, based on conditions closer to the time of the show.



  • Please understand that if you were accepted to the 2020 show, YOU MUST STILL APPLY AS USUAL, ON-LINE AND MAILED IN BY THE MARCH 1 DEADLINE, if you want to participate in the 2021 festival.


  • We will accept applications from new artists and artists who were NOT accepted into the 2020 show, who will all be juried. However, please be aware that spaces will FIRST be assigned to the 2020-accepted artists who apply and they will also be FIRST on the wait lists, if any.



  • Please pay attention to the other application and show information on the website We ask for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate a different and possibly evolving landscape for the 2021 Rochester Lilac Festival.  We pledge to be as fair and helpful to all of you as we possibly can.


  • What will NOT change…the same beautiful location for Art in the Park, helpful Block Captains and Transporters, free convenient parking, Sunday morning artist breakfast (possibly delivered to your booth via golf cart). We look forward to making the best of our changed world and beginning a successful re-entry!!!





PLEASE be sure to follow all the steps to successfully submit an application.

  • Fill out the on-line application completely.
  • Upload your images. IMPORTANT!!! Three images must be of your work. PLEASE make sure these are close-ups of individual pieces with PLAIN backgrounds. The fourth image must be of your booth – your ENTIRE booth, with no people blocking the view. If you already have images uploaded from the previous year, update them with your new work or with better shots. ALL PHOTOS MUST BE UNDER 2MB.
  • Describe your images and provide prices and sizes!!!
  • You must then SUBMIT your on-line application.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – you must PRINT OUT that application you just submitted on-line and MAIL IN with the other required items to: Springut Group Inc.,  26 South Goodman St., Rear, Rochester, NY 14607.
  • Along with the signed application, mail in your fees- the $15 application fee and the booth fee ($175 per 10′ x 10′ space), DUE MARCH 1st .  Booth fee checks are deposited on April 8th but must be sent with application.  They will be returned to non-accepted artists.
  • Include a self-addressed STAMPED envelope, as that is how we send out your individualized show information packet.
  • If this is your first year to apply to the show, you need to MAIL IN a PHOTOGRAPH that clearly shows yourself in your workshop with your work in the process of being made by yourself, for instance, partially completed items, tools that you use, raw materials.
  • When you do receive your show information packet in early April, please read the information and check your assigned space so there are no surprises when you pull up to the show.   Thank you!!
  • If any weekend of the show is canceled for any reason booth fees will be refunded in full for the weekend that was canceled.
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