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Enjoy TWO FULL DAYS of Health & Wellness exhibitors and the Angels in your Home Speaker Series!

The Speaker Series, brought to you by Angels In Your Home and Hilton East
The Speaker Series, brought to you by Angels In Your Home and Hilton East are 2 days of educational seminars during the Health and Wellness Experience presented by Evans Bank.
2022 Speakers

Camille Conti

Keynote Speaker

New York’s Divine Channel and Queen of Organic Clean Beauty, Love & Success, Camille Conti

Celebrating… 22 years of Certified Organic & Clean Beauty Skin Care and Cosmetics! Designer, Founder & CEO of Natural Image Care by Camille Conti, Co-Founder of Camille Conti Agency, and The Academy of Divine Rich CEO.

Shalom Singer

Master of Ceremonies

Shalom Singer has been recognized for many prestigious awards in the fitness industry. She has 20+ years experience in Fitness & Wellness and loves to share her experience with the community and other Fitness Professionals. Its her life mission to spread the truth about fitness and wellness through education. She is the owner of Pearls Physique- a Fitness and Personal Training Studio in Rochester NY, an Natural Bodybuilder Figure Pro and Tango Dancer.

The Pathways Forward Group

Life Decisions in Retirement presented by the Pathways Forward Group underwritten by Hilton East assisted Living and Angels in Your Home

Ever wonder about getting the “right” information about Life Decisions in Retirement? Have you asked yourself, “What steps should I take”, “Do I have a plan”, or “Who can I trust when I don’t know what to ask”? Well, Life Decisions in Retirement presented by the Pathways Forward Group will highlight topics such as Social Security Strategies, Last Will and Testament, Protecting your assets, Financial Decisions, and Planning for your Death. If you are a caregiver of an aging loved one—or just curious—please join the Life Decisions in Retirement Session.

Stephanie Campanelli

How I Lost My SH*T & Found FUN Again

The art of reconnecting with your body and mind through life experiences and laughter. Purposeful activities to be demonstrated and discussed to help ease into a life of abundance, happiness and joy.

Kelly Mariani

Why healthcare?

There has never been a better time to become a healthcare professional.

Kelly Mariani, System Manager of Career Services at Bryant & Stratton College, oversees all aspects of the Career Services function for 20 campuses in NY, VA, OH, WI, and Online. She is passionate about building strong partnerships with employers that result in career opportunities for recent graduates and alumni of Bryant & Stratton. Kelly enjoys serving as a mentor to Career Services professionals across all campuses and fosters an environment of collaboration and continuous learning. 

Monique Chattman

Men’s Self Care & Wellness

Bringing awareness to the importance of detoxification and pedicuring in male health. Pedicures are a huge part of your overall health. We want to make sure you are equipped with the facts on the benefits to make your next step, your best one yet. Let’s us show you how Detoxification can benefit your body, mind and soul.

Shadow Fox and Lee Two Hawks

Navigating Intentions

Bringing awareness for how we perceive our surroundings and how others could judge us. Content focuses on our highest and best intentions, creating positive changes in our lives.

Jeff Hoffman

Visible Man- Men’s Peer Support Community 

Bringing awareness to men’s suicide and mental health by connecting men with each other, with educational outreach, and training. 

Ann Knapp

See Your Life Force Energy in Action

This is a fun workshop to experience ways of seeing how your conscious mind has a direct impact on the energy around you and therefore, your reality. In the simplicity of tools used for thousands of years, we will be taking a light-hearted view of Life Force Energy. Discussion includes how Life Force facilitates vitality and wellness and how to utilize it in your everyday life. Seeing is believing!!!

Fred Dewey

Stress Reduction Made Easy
Do you know when your emotions have been triggered? Have you ever reacted in a negative way as a result?  This talk will introduce a functional tool that is based on brain science which will allow you to see when have you have been triggered by someone and how to defuse your automatic damaging reactions that cause stress, replacing them with mindful actions that move things forward and eliminate stress.

Heather Newton & Kristina Mossgraber

This is What Mental Health Awareness Looks Like
Bring awareness to the warning signs and symptoms of someone that may be struggling with mental health, ways to communicate with that person and ways to support yourself and family. Personal stories will be shared to offer hope that recovery is possible and put face to our topic. Community resources will be shared as well.

Vanessa Singer

Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease through Herbal Tea and Plant Based Balance
People all over the world have been drinking tea for thousands of centuries, and for good reason. Numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease. While some brews provide more health advantages than others, there’s plenty of evidence that regularly drinking Herbal tea and eating a plant based balance food can have a lasting impact on your wellness.
Health & Wellness Expo Exhibitors
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